Beanie Kids are  just the coolest!

The original Beanie Kids are palm-sized plush toys, under-filled beans that retail for around AUD$11.99.

These soft, cuddly, go-anywhere plush pals all have their own names, birthdays and their own personality displayed on the swing tag. When you purchase a Beanie Kid, be sure to look after it. The condition of your Beanie Kid and their swing tag could mean hundreds of dollars to a collector in the future.

What is it about these soft, cuddly, go-anywhere plush pals that have made them the hottest collectible in the world?

  • Beanie Kids are fun!
  • Beanie Kids are affordable!
  • Their own personalities!
  • Original Beanie Kids are hard to find!

Come in today and check out the wide range of original Beanie Kids or contact us online: 


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